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Advan Racing RSIII Umber Bronze Metallic & Ring

Advan Racing RSIII Umber Bronze Metallic & Ring

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And now, a model change for the RSⅡ, the ADVAN Racing flagship model for 10 years. The most advanced forging technology creates the all-new 10-spoke RSⅢ!!

The third-generation ADVAN Racing RS, the RSⅢ in 18 and 19inch were launched! The 18inch offers 3 faces on the spoke’s concave, STD, GTR and Super GTR design. The lager diameter 19inch offers 2 face, STD and GTR design.

Even at first glance, its ADVAN Racing RS lineage is apparent; the 10-spoke design is unchanged, but is both bolder and more refined than the RSⅡ. CP strength analysis of the spokes’ vertical ensures optimum strength despite their narrow appearance. What’s more, both sides of the spokes feature advanced machining on the spoke side-cuts, highlighting their strength, which equals today’s cast rims.

The “ADVAN Racing” logo is embossed on the rim face between the spokes with a 3D processing machine.

The color selections vary between the 18-inch and 19-inch sizes.The standard “Racing Hyper Black & Ring” and “Black Gun Metallic & Ring” colors are available in both 19-inch and 18-inch wheels. “Black Chrome,” offering a no-nonsense metallic sheen, is also available in 19-inch wheels, bringing the total to three color selections. “Amber Bronze Metallic & Ring,” “Racing White Metallic & Ring,” and “Racing Candy Red & Ring” are also available. (Not every color is available in every size.)

All wheels come with ADVAN Racing RSⅢ logo stickers that can be placed on the wheel spokes.

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