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Continental IceContact XTRM Studded

Continental IceContact XTRM Studded

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Continental's new IceContact XTRM tire, designed in collaboration with Groupe Touchette, combines all the characteristics needed to face variable winter conditions.

The TriStar studs, produced by Tikka in Finland exclusively for Continental, offer better grip on ice (in all directions) compared to standard round studs. They are made of lightweight aluminium with a length of 11 mm. The stud head promotes better lateral grip on ice compared to directional studs and helps reduce road wear. The Stud Retention Technology uses a coating that is proven to be up to four times stronger and allows for 5% more grip on ice.

Targeting a wide range of vehicles such as full-size compact cars, crossovers as well as sport utility vehicles and pickup trucks, the IceContact XTRM will be available in 46 different sizes for rims from 15 to 22 inches for winter 2020; 45 additional sizes will be available in 2021.

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