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Neuspeed iSWEEP CP12 Flat Racing Graphite

Neuspeed iSWEEP CP12 Flat Racing Graphite

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The latest addition to iSWEEP's portfolio, the CP12 flow-formed wheel, emerges as a product of visionary innovation underpinning the "Competition Wheel Program." This evolution was orchestrated through a tightly-knit partnership with NEUSPEED R&D. Characterized by its exceptional attributes and refined design language, the CP12 wheel stands as an embodiment of automotive performance excellence. The CP12 effortlessly combines NEUSPEED's tried-and-true principles from the RSe series, known for its top-notch flow-forming manufacturing. This approach leads to a lighter wheel, improving both vehicle handling and acceleration. As a standout in performance and style, the CP12 steals the spotlight as your trusty sidekick during thrilling sports drives.

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