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Neuspeed RSf72 Bronze - Gloss

Neuspeed RSf72 Bronze - Gloss

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Introducing our all-new fully forged wheel: the NEUSPEED RSf72. NEUSPEED has offered high-quality, high-performance parts and accessories for over 45 years. With that experience, NEUSPEED's Race Series forged road wheels epitomize the look, fit, and performance enthusiasts have come to expect. Each and every Race Series forged wheel is manufactured to the highest tolerances -- meeting strict JWL and VIA certification. We began designing and manufacturing forged wheels back in 2003, having introduced the RS10 as our first wheel, with the RS06 and the RS05 to follow. Then, in 2006 we introduced a cutting-edge technology (at the time), known as flow-forming, to the forefront. This was an "evolutionary" manufacturing process, hence the RS"e" for our flow-formed line. And now, we're back with another Race Series forged wheel! This special wheel begins as a solid cylinder of aircraft-grade, 6061-aluminum. The cylinder is then pressurized with an industry-leading 10,000 tons of pressure for shaping, all while improving its grain structure and overall properties. This net's near-zero porosity with a densely organized micro-structure, allowing for its amazing design, weight, and strength. Using a hydraulic forging process, as opposed to rotary forging, we are able to get a perfect blend of strength, lightness, and durability.

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