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RAYS Gram Lights

RAYS Gram Lights 57Xtreme Spec-D

RAYS Gram Lights 57Xtreme Spec-D

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57Xtreme's tremendous progress to win races

Machines powered by a 1,000-horsepower engines can now be found readily in drift competitions such as D1GP and Formula Drift. To elicit such machines' maximum performance, we evolved pin point sizes of standard 57Xtreme into SPEC-D. RAYS has drastically upgraded functionality by re-examining the design of each section, strengthening the rim, adding a shot peening method to the wheel body, and adopting the EH2+ hump shape. The strength level naturally exceeds JWL+R SPEC2(P.C.D. 5-120 is SPEC1). In 2018, before launching into the market, the 57XTREME SPEC-D were tried at both D1GP and Formula Drift JAPAN. As a result, machines with 57XTREME SPEC-D seized both titles beautifully, proving the model's excellent high functionality. In addition to the existing model's Matte Graphite (MF) color, a new color designed in a trans-layered specification by arranging blue stripes on a white disc is also now available.

  • ???Method???Cast 1pc. Wheel
  • ???RAYS original test???JWL+R Spec 2 (5H-100&114.3)
    ?€€?€€?€€?€€?€€?€€?€€?€€?€€?€€?€€?€€?€€JWL+R Spec 1 (5H-120)
  • ???Color???Matte Graphite (MF), White (O2Z)
  • ???Included???HB1 Valve
  • ???Optional???GL Center Cap / WR Center Cap

Special??order item - Please contact us for ETA

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