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RAYS Volk Racing

RAYS Volk Racing G025 Euro Fitment

RAYS Volk Racing G025 Euro Fitment

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About G025

One of VOLK RACING’s design aesthetics is a “well-founded line Eand the “shape with will E It’s not simply design for design, it’s the need for stimulating shape for function in a street car. It is the admirable shape, the detail that characterize VOLK RACING, and the emotional shape that identify the G series. Realization of these shapes not possible without structural analysis through RAYS ENGENEERING. Wheel design with conventional technology brings the spoke width of 6.5mm. But G025 evolves 5mm spoke width. The spoke looks like beautiful high heeled shoes, and can accept power from latest high-performance car easily. This is The Professional Forged Dynamic feeling made capable by a 100% made in house racing wheel. Because it made with knowledge of the extreme situation. For design feature, it is a universal 2x5 design, but the bolt hole has been arranged on center of spoke instead of between spoke and spoke. In addition, the weight less hole has been arranged beside the bolt hole and the root of spokes. This hole tailored by a 5 axis machining machine. The spoke section, which is completely different from G25 and G16, correspond with the latest trend of high-offsets and big brakes. It brings a sharp and a racing concave design. Of course we offer 4 types of wheel face. First of all, awesomeness and workmanship of this wheel made from racing. his is the G025.

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